Photography Policy

The museum is open Wed.-Sun., 9-3, for the winter.  Closed Mon., Tues., and holidays.  Day use is $3 per person over 12.  Please leave in the box on the bridge.

We understand the appeal our beautiful site provides for a variety of photographers however we ask that you follow the guidelines outlined below. This is a museum site and the artifacts and buildings need to be handled with care by knowledgeable MFLM representatives.

Personal Use Photography

• Permitted while on the grounds during operating hours and in all the museum buildings that are opened by staff or MFLM representatives. Buildings that are not open are not to be entered.

Photography by the Media

• Permitted with advance notification.

Commercial and Professional Photography

Commercial and Professional photographers are asked to notify the office prior to visiting to obtain approval, a copy of this policy, and a photography pass. This helps ensure the site is available and that the expectations while on site are clear.

• Photographers must schedule all photo shoots in advance with MFLM. The fee is $25/visit or $100/year.

• Photography during regular operating hours must not interfere with the ability of all visitors to enjoy their experience. No exclusive use will be granted.

• ALL signs, established protocols, and restricted areas must be observed. This is for the safety of visitors and to maintain the historic nature of the site.

• For your safety, equipment and artifacts (wagons, bateaus, etc.) are not for use by the public without MFLM permission and representative supervision.

• Visitors may not climb or hang from trees or climb on fences, equipment, or structures.

• Behavior toward people, equipment, and artifacts while visiting must be safe, legal, and appropriate at all times.

The year pass includes a family membership.  The passes are for the use of the property by the photographer.  All clients need to leave $3 for everyone over 12.  Contact the office for a pass and to schedule photo shoots.

Failure to comply with museum policies and expectations may result in loss of permission to photograph and/or a request to exit the premises.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the photographer to comply with copyright laws and obtaining any necessary releases or consent to use agreements.

If you are a photographer and would like to be notified about special photography opportunities at the museum, please contact us.