Our 2019 Events

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Explore the museum between events.

Admission is $3 per person 13 years old and older, EXCEPT when we have events.
Check the event schedule for admission fee–they differ for different events.

LeavesThursdays in the Woods   Thursday open hours will start July 11th.Leaves

The grounds are open daylight hours, but be aware that hunting season requires caution and orange clothing.

For the winter, the buildings are closed except by appointment, and on Tuesday volunteer work days.

To make an appointment, call 207-974-6278 or email [email protected]

Living History Days

October 5-6 10:00-4:00

Lombard at Living History Days
Our most popular event of the season. Re-enactors showcasing livestock, historic demonstrations. Fresh pressed cider, bean-hole beans & biscuits, and soup. Lombards and sawmills running.

Recaps and photos of events gone by….