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We recap the year’s events in our newsletters.  The links will open the newsletters in a PDF viewer.  Just click your browser’s back button to return to this page. If the page gets stuck loading, please reload it.

Leonard’s Mills Gazette, June 2021

Leonard’s Mills Gazette, December 2020…Celebrating 60 Years!

Leonard’s Mills Gazette 2020…Recap of the events of 2019

Leonard’s Mills Gazette 2019…The events of 2018

Leonard’s Mills Gazette 2018…2017 in review


Our annual Commemorative Booklet highlights all aspects of the Museum: our events, our volunteers, and our wonderful Sponsors, without which none of what we do would be possible. Please check out these editions of our Commemorative Booklet:

MFLM 2018 Program Booklet

MFLM 2017 Program Booklet


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