Alewife Day and Children’s Days 2020

School field trips to the Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley are a great way to end the school year, but this year is different. We are sorry to have to cancel Children’s Days for the bus loads of students who come to learn and have fun with their classmates, teachers and chaperones. Alewife Day on May 23rd is also cancelled as a public event.

BUT, the fish will be coming soon and the grounds will be open for students to come with their families. The weather is warming and the alewives are off Connecticut right now. They may be arriving mid-April (remember how cold last May was? The fish started running the day before our Alewife Day event.) Let’s hope for a bit more rain–not floods–to help them find their way up the fish ladders into Chemo and Davis ponds.

We are all seeing the rules about spacing–please be mindful of the 10 people limit if you check out the fish ladder and others are there before you (and don’t forget fishing rules–no fishing within 150’ of the ladder). The grounds and trails are open daylight hours every day, so enjoy a walk around the grounds and bring a picnic when it is warm enough.

We have donation boxes on the kiosk and covered bridge–cancelling events has a big impact on museum finances, so we appreciate any support you can give.

Please check our website for future events and updates on summer open hours.
Email or call Sherry Davis, Executive Director, with questions. 974-6278