Lombard Technical Articles by Terence Harper

Lombard Technical Articles

by Terence Harper

The Following articles are courtesy of Lombard historian Terence Harper. The articles are for educational purposes only and are not to be copied, sold or published without the author’s written consent.

1. Lombard Log Haulers and Tractors
2. A History of the Maine Forest & Logging Museum’s Steam Lombard
3. Eagle Lake Tramway
4. Churchill Depot
5. Old Twin New Twin
6. The Biggest There is in the City
7. Lombard Model CS-88 Contractor’s Special
8. Edgar, Donuts, & a Drowned Lombard
9. To Russia With Love
10. A furor of excitement
11. I Wished That I Was Still a Tree Feller

12. Ovide and Arthur’s Excellent Adventure

13. Lombard’s Tin Lizzy and Bruisers