The Restoration

The restoration of the Steam Lombard Log Hauler at our Bradley, Maine site is one of the most active projects that has happened at museum. This project involved over 150 individuals, along with help from many companies and the University of Maine. There have been more than 100 major donors supporting the project through funds, materials, time, and services.

Our restored and running Lombard Log Hauler provides a strong educational tool to show the people of today how the mechanical technology of forest product harvesting began.

Our Lombard was built around 1910, and came from near Ross Lake, north of Allagash Lake. Our aim is to operate the Lombard and continue to offer educational and enjoyable programs for the public. Our Lombard once again roars under its own power to educate the people of today and help them understand the outstanding mechanical intelligence and ingenuity of their ancestors and about Maine’s rich forest heritage.

You can see the restoration process and operating videos here

Our lombard

New volunteers interested in restoration work or historical research are encouraged to contact the Museum and get involved.