Giving With A Purpose

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum strives to preserve and share history through the work of dedicated volunteersThe Museum in Winter
and donations of financial support and artifacts. A special place has been created that touches the lives of people of all ages interested in the way Maine used to be, in a living, breathing, ‘trip back in time’.

So many people we care about leave a legacy of hard work, of caring about the woods and the logging industry, of volunteering and supporting the museum, of loving the museum. Turn that legacy into a living tribute by directing bequests and donations in a way meaningful to you and those you remember.

Memorial and Honorary gifts, Planned Giving and Qualified Charitable Distributions all increase the Endowment Fund to ensure the future of the museum. Donations toward the yearly General Fund are welcome as well to facilitate events and to fund current maintenance needs, etc.

Tuesday Crew ready for winter.
The Tuesday Crew volunteers work year-round.

Your generosity means new generations will be able to share in the rich heritage of working in the Maine woods. Your memories will become part of the future growth of the museum.