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Sawmill in Autumn
As a living history museum, the Maine Forest and Logging Museum interacts with our community through events, which we have several of each year. Between events, the grounds are open for walking, and exploring. The buildings will not be open, but there is still a lot to see…as long as you do it before the sun goes down, because there are no lights on the grounds.  Tuesdays are volunteer work days. Volunteers are on the grounds from around 9am to 1pm, and will answer questions and open buildings if asked.
Hike the grounds, bring a picnic lunch, and revel in the natural beauty of Maine. Choosing weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes will contribute to a great experience.
Donations are appreciated! Check facebook or the website for open days.  Contact the Museum to arrange a guided tour of the buildings.


For Guests with Mobility Challenges

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is largely an outdoor experience with much uneven terrain.  Few of MFLM’s buildings are accessible for persons with disabilities.  Please call ahead if you are challenged so we can help you navigate the museum.