Welcome to the

Maine Forest and Logging Museum

Our Annual Appeal has started! Please check out the donation opportunity page to help support us in the coming year!

Thanks to Maine Community Foundation for supporting the Museum by awarding a Community Building 2022 Grant!

The grounds are open daily during daylight hours. Tuesdays are volunteer work days. Volunteers are on the grounds from around 9am to 1pm, and will answer questions and open buildings if asked.

Our 2023 Events

Alewife Day

10am to 3pm  

$10 adults, $5 kids, members free

Children’s Days

May 25 & 26 and June 1 & 2

9am to 1pm $8 each

Summer at Leonard’s Mill

10am to 3pm

$10 adults, $5 kids, members free

Heavy Metal

10am to 3pm

$10 adults, $5 kids, members free

Living History Days

October 7 & 8, 10am to 3pm each day

$15 adults, $5 kids, members free

Tuesday Crew with New Tractor

Tuesday Crew volunteers with our new tractor. Thanks for the tractor, Nolette-Belanger Family Foundation!

Volunteers Needed!

Come join the crew! We need volunteers to make our events special and to help keep us looking good! Please see our volunteer page for more info.