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Our 2022 events have been scheduled. Dates and times have been determined, but due to the ever-changing situation with covid, whether to hold the events will be determined by the Board of Directors closer to when the event is due to happen.

Horse drawn wagon

SUMMER AT LEONARD’S MILLS                              

Saturday, June 18 10am to 3pm
$10 adults, $5 children 3 to 17
Mills and Lombards running, and Blacksmith smithing. Bean=hole beans and reflector oven biscuits.

Horse drawn wagon

HEAVY METAL                              

Saturday, July 30, from 10am to 3pm
$10 adults, $5 children 3 to 17
More details soon.

Horse drawn wagon

LIVING HISTORY DAYS                              

Saturday, October 1 and Sunday October 2
$15 adults, $5 children 3 to 17
Our biggest event! More details soon.

Explore the museum.

The grounds are open daily during daylight hours.
Tuesdays are volunteer work days. Volunteers are on the grounds from around 9am to 1pm, and will answer questions and open buildings if asked.

Recaps and photos of events gone by….