Volunteers fixing the rotary sawmill.


Lombard Crew

Join the crew that maintains and runs our steam- and gas-powered Lombard vehicles. Whether preparing the machines for events or readying them for winter, there is always a lot to do.

Lombard Running


Live on the grounds–in your own camper or in our Caretaker’s House–and experience the beauty of the Museum grounds 24/7. During our event season (May through October), workamping volunteers can experience the Museum in a way that few others get to. Help out by staffing events, running the Giftshop, maintaining the grounds and giving tours.
Check out Workamping at the Museum.


If you’d like to join the crew and help with events or with grounds upkeep, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form, indicating what you’d like to do. You’ll also be signed up for our email list so that we can keep you informed of events and other goings-on.