Volunteer Camping Opportunity!

Kevin giving tour 2023

Love history? Live at a museum! The Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley, also known as Leonard’s Mills, is looking for volunteers to set up their camper on the grounds for our event season. Enjoy the beautiful location while helping share history with visitors.

State and national parks and even campgrounds have been utilizing volunteer RVers to  enhance visitor experiences for many years. The difference at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum is that you would have the only camper tucked in a clearing on the grounds.

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is a volunteer-based museum sharing Maine’s history in a living history format. Demonstrations are an important part of the Museum–restoring machinery and renovating buildings contributes to the goal of sharing with visitors special parts of Maine’s history. Potential volunteer caretakers can add their own expertise where their interest lies.

Chores would be flexible to meet the current needs on the grounds: keeping the Giftshop and buildings open is the first priority. The volunteer position could be an individual or couple. Our season starts in May and runs into October. The work days are flexible , but being onsite for events should be planned.

Workamper Marty on gas Lombard

This position is for people who like people–visitors are on the site daily. An interest in history will enable the potential volunteer to be comfortable with questions about the property and general logging history. (We have a library with many titles that will help with learning the subject). Take a look at the website and dream about being a part of such a unique place in Maine. Share your skills and enthusiasm with volunteers and visitors.

The Museum is off the grid–generator power, water and blueboy for septic and available, but some phones/internet access works better than others. You really step back in time technologically, but the beauty of the place compensates!

Interested? Contact us for more information or to apply.

Our first (wonderful) “workampers”: Vicki and Tom from 2017!

Workampers and camper

Mary and Marty got the 2018 season off to a great start!

Workampers Mary and Marty

Eric and Tina were invaluable during our busy 2018 fall season!

Workampers Tina and Eric

Karen kept us running in 2020 during the pandemic.

Roger and Martha helped us out in 2020 as well.

Workampers Martha and Roger Widholm

Lisa and Kevin spent the whole 2022 season with us!

Workampers Lisa and Kevin

Lisa and Kevin came back again in 2023. So glad to have you both back!

Workampers Lisa and Kevin

Jenny and Joe were helped out in 2019, and then came back again in 2023. So glad to have you both back!

Workampers Jenny and Joe