Water-Powered Sawmill and stream


Here are some of the ways donations make what we do possible.

Tuesday Crew working on an outhouse.


Our wooden buildings and old machines are the focal points of our events. Much work is put into maintaining them so that they can continue to make our events special. Our Tuesday Crew volunteers do most of this work: window replacement, mowing the grounds, plowing the roads, keeping the old mills running and so much more. To do this work, they need materials and supplies. Your donations help the Tuesday Crew buy the materials they need.

Donnell Clapboard Mill


New displays bring more opportunities to share Maine’s logging history with our community. The donation of a clapboard mill necessitated the construction of a building to house it. We are always working to enhance our displays to make them more engaging, and your support makes that possible. Current projects include:

  • Finish the Donnell Clapboard Mill
  • Renovate the Pole Barn to become a classroom space.
  • Upgrade the Caretaker’s House to improve the living conditions of our live-in volunteers
  • Rebuild our Amphitheater to bring back a beloved wedding and performance venue.
Horse-drawn wagon at Living History Days


Our events allow us to demonstrate the history we preserve. Guests can try blacksmithing, ride a Lombard log hauler, press cider, learn about spinning and weaving, try bean hole beans and reflector oven biscuits, see our mills running and so much more! During our regular events, we give guests a sense of what life was like during the early days of Maine’s lumbering past as well as when gas- and steam-powered machines replaced water and horses. Your support helps us prepare and put on our events.

Learning about Lombards


Part of the mission of the Museum is education: “to celebrate Maine’s rich forestry and logging history through education…”. Through our collections and our demonstrations, our volunteers can bring the past to life for our guests and foster an understanding of the origins of Maine’s logging industry. In addition to our volunteers engaging guests, we open our grounds up to other organizations to conduct their learning adventures. Donations, like yours, keep the doors open.

Ed Buck at the Sportsmen's Show


Bringing our message and our collections to schools, shows, and other museums helps us to share the history we preserve. We have presented at UMaine’s Sportsmen’s Show, the Logging Expo at the Cross Insurance Center, UMaine’s Hudson Museum, and Woodlawn in Ellsworth. Your support enhances our exhibits, creating a better experience for our guests.

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is an IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization; contributions are tax-deductible.
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