1934 Lombard 10 ton Auto Tractor-Truck

(Serial No. 4821)

Built in 1934 by the Lombard Traction Engine Co. of Waterville, Maine for the City of Waterville, this Lombard tractor has the distinction of being the second to last tractor built by Lombard. With a purchase price of $7,500.00 it was powered by a Wisconsin D-4, six cylinder engine (1,013 cubic inches) rated at 125 h.p. @ 1,000 r.p.m. It was equipped with a large wedge plow, and wheels instead of the more common skis and was used by the city for plowing roads in the winter. 

Acquired from the City of Waterville by Ray Starbird for use by his Starbird Lumber Company of Strong, Maine, it was restored in 1986. Purchased from Marlies Starbird by Paul and Ray Breton of Vassalboro, in May 1995 it is through their generosity that this remarkable piece of Maine history has been on loan to the museum since 2017 and is frequently demonstrated for our many visitors.