List of Log Hauler Customers and Locations

Lombard Steam Log Haulers 1903 – 1908  This link shows Lombard steam log haulers manufactured up to 1908.  Records for subsequent Lombard steam log haulers unfortunately are missing. Lombard built 83 steam log haulers at his Waterville factory. Early Lombard log haulers generally had lap seam boilers.  Newer log haulers had stronger butt seam boilers.   The boiler for Lombard #83 is in Vassalboro, Maine and we considered using it for the Lombard #38 restoration.

Phoenix Steam Log Haulers 1904 – 1915 This link shows 59 Phoenix steam log haulers manufactured in Wisconsin up to 1915 when production ended.  Phoenix log haulers were built under a patent licensing agreement with Alvin Lombard.  However these log haulers differed in a number of ways including steam engines, drive trains, steering systems, and water tanks.

Lombard Gas Log Haulers 1915 – 1936  This link shows 167 gas Lombard log haulers made in Maine between 1915 and 1936.  This list is incomplete and there may be as many as 75 additional machines.  These newer log haulers were lighter, simpler, and could be operated by one person.  The final machine made in 1936 for Great Northern Paper had a Diesel engine