Lombard Technical Information

Steam Injectors   We are fortunate to have the original Hancock Inspirators on our Lombard. The above link has some fascinating information about our inspirators from a book  titled “Basic Steam Locomotive Maintenance”. This book was published about 100 years ago to train locomotive engineers. There is a special section on our Hancock inspirators with diagrams, theory, operating principals, and troubleshooting. This is the best information on our inspirators we have found. Have also attached a brief thermodynamic calculation at the end showing how we need a steam jet speed approaching 120 mph to develop 200 psi of injection pressure.

Lombard Engine Valves   This link has some great information on steam engine valves first published about 100 years ago by D.C. Buell. Our Lombard has engines commonly used on steam trains at the time. We have slide “D” valves beautifully illustrated in Fig. 5. These valves are critical for the smooth and efficient operation of our engines. This section describes valve lap, clearance, lead, steam expansion, cutoff, and lubrication. Our Richardson valve balance is shown in Fig. 7. These is also a fascinating indicator diagram test to evaluate engine tuning.

Lombard Development History by Terry Harper    This link has some excellent technical information by Terry Harper on the development of Lombard log haulers

Lombard 1920 Tractor-Truck Brochure

Sturtevant Manuscript  – The comprehensive but unpublished work by Lawrence Sturtevant of the life and accomplishments of Alvin Lombard.  An outstanding reference, likely the best available.