Lombard Log Vintage Movies

Video of Lombard steam log hauler “Nina” operating in 1912:

Video of Lombard steam log hauler at Cunliffe Depot operating in 1932

Video of Lombard 74 operating in winter 2000 towing log sleds:

Here is a link to an interview with Ora Daggett who operated Lombard steam log haulers in the Fish River Lake region for many years. There are 3 wonderful interviews what take about a minute to download. This operation included 6 Lombard steam log haulers that operated around the clock. They burned 1,000 cords of firewood a year cut and stacked the previous spring. The second interview describes a harrowing ride backwards down a mountain road when a drive chain broke. It also describes Lombards falling through the ice. The third interview mentions 2 steersmen were needed to break trails in deep snow as we discovered. Most of the Lombards in this operation were cut up and sold for scrap, but one, the Crooker Lombard, fortunately was saved and restored.