Lombard seam log hauler links:

Video of Lombard steam log hauler “Nina” operating in 1912:

Video of Lombard steam log hauler at Cunliffe Depot operating in 1932

History of Crawler Tractors
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1ZlnE200msHIstory of Crawler Tractors

Lombard steam log hauler operating manual and parts diagrams:

American Society Mechanical Engineers paper “The Log Haulers” by Lore Rogers and Caleb Scribner:

Lombard development history by Terry Harper:

Final restoration work on Lombard 38 at Maine Forest and Logging Museum:

2014 – Lombard Steam Log Hauler Restoration

Early restoration work on Lombard 38, including casting and building new steam engines:

Videos of Lombard 74 operating in winter 2000 towing log sleds:


Video of steam and gas Lombard log haulers at Cunliffe Depot on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway:

Video of Lombard 39 at the Ashland Logging Museum:

Video of Loek Prop’s working live steam Lombard steam log hauler model:

Video of Lombard 100th Anniversary Celebration at Maine Forest and Logging Museum:

Loek Prop’s Lombard steam log hauler website:

Lombard #38 arriving at Maine Forest and Logging Museum in 1990: